Onahole/hip Suggestions

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Onahole/hip Suggestions

Post by krnshiney » 2017 Oct 30, 03:04

Can anyone recommend a onahole/hip that is tight? I am not the most well endowed person with only 10cm and pretty small girth. a couple of suggestions would be nice

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Re: Onahole/hip Suggestions

Post by darkhomer17 » 2017 Nov 18, 15:49

Alright, let's narrow it down. A difference between hip and regular onahole is the size. For example La Vie En Roses onahole is Length 6.75 inches x Width 4.5 inches x Height 3 inches, while Open My Pussy! -COCOLO- Length 9 inches x Width 5.9 x Height 4.4 inches. It could mean a difference for hiding spot. As someone with a similar size member, I can fully support La Vie En Roses, here is a review by onahole.eu blog https://blog.onahole.eu/reviews/onahole ... e-en-roses . I recently bought the Cocolo because I want a hip one, so I can also put a panty on it for visual aid.