New to forum and looking for suggestions

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New to forum and looking for suggestions

Post by TCFM » 2018 Jan 08, 21:56

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. This is my first post.

I had a fleshlight years ago I got because I broke my wrist skateboarding. It was ok....
About a year ago when I broke up with my girlfriend I got tired of using my hand after getting sex once or twice a day for 5 years.
Now I’ve got addicted to them as I don’t like sleeping around with random girls.

My first one was a Puni Virgin-AkaiHebi It was a really good onahole!! I still have it and feels good but it has stretched out a little.

Second one I bought was Toys Heart - Innocent Younger Sister. It was really good too but not quite as good as Puni Virgin IMO.

Third was Ju-C Petite # 1 I really liked the smaller size for taking it places and hiding easily. It has really good suction and if held right, feels like a hand job with lube. :love:

Here is where it goes downhill….I really liked the vacuum effect of the Ju-c Petite so I looked and found one with the most vacuum I could find and decent reviews.

The Chouzetsu Vacuum Nurse…..I am not really happy with it at all. My Ju-c has as much suction as this one. Also it’s so soft you can’t really feel any texture….Boring

I want something about twice as much as the ones I’ve talked about…No more than about $60-$70 USD
So I need a good recommendation with good feeling textures or something with higher stimulation.
My thoughts are maybe a duel layer?

I’m just under 6.5” and a westerner

The ones I am looking at are
-Julia +
-Secret Lover Himekano
-Meiki ZXY
-G-Project Puni Virgin 1000
-Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

Any suggestions??

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Re: New to forum and looking for suggestions

Post by ehrmantraut88 » 2018 Jan 20, 18:56

My suggestions based on your post:
1) R20. It is a No.1 best seller in Japan. Push the air out as much as possible before you go in and its suction will suck you dry. It is durable and you can flip it inside out to clean it. It has a relatively small size, compared to most onaholes you have mentioned. It is just the best "bang" for your buck.
2) Meiki Aika. Meiki offers realistic sensation and the new Aika is probably the best in the Meiki series so far. It has the dual layer structure you mentioned. I have owned Aika for about six months now and have not noticed any durability issues. It does not have the mind-blowing stimulation of R20, but it has the right amount of stimulation to remind you of a human body. It is a bit tricky to clean but it well worth it. A lot of people still love Meiki ZXY, but why not try the latest product? For comparison, Meiki ZXY has more sensation.

Everyone loves Julia, but I have been disappointed by exe over and over again. Its materials are just inferior to NPG and Toysheart. G-project is better than exe, but still inferior to NPG and Toysheart.