Need an onahole with hardcore bumps

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Need an onahole with hardcore bumps

Post by kuroneko999 » 2018 Jun 04, 14:15

I have a serious problem, I think my penis nerves are screwed or something. I can last about 1 to 2 hours fapping. I wasted a lot of money on tight holes that don't give me stimulation at all.

I need a hole that has giant bumps that close up the whole hole, something that looks painful. This so far is the only one that works for me:

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! At least 500g+

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Re: Need an onahole with hardcore bumps

Post by AkaiHebi » 2018 Jun 10, 22:26

Wow wow. Maybe it's not only about sensitivity: Medication? Death grip? Phase of lack of libido?
Did you try going 1 week without any fap, possibly while wearing a chastity belt, while still arousing yourself on porn but without relieving yourself?

Maybe train your penis for noticing very soft onaholes, that are not tight (to prevent any blood from being squeezed down from the penis thus numbing nerves in it)

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